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Divide & Conquer: A Financial Blueprint for Network Marketing Millionaires to Minimize Tax and Build Wealth

by Jean-Francois Demore

After experiencing a substantial increase in income from her network marketing efforts, Kate is considering leaving her full-time job to prioritize her time on growing her own business. Concerned with leaving her regular paycheque and building her own nest egg, she is referred to a financial advisor specializing in network marketing professionals.

Eavesdrop on their conversation as he introduces Kate to his 'Divide & Conquer' strategy to help her gain control of her finances, minimize her tax bill and maximize her savings. In this book, you will learn:

  • How to avoid the "Tax Trap"
  • How to invest your savings
  • How much to set aside for tax
  • How best to structure your finances for your growing business
  • When to incorporate your business, and why
  • Are RRSPs worth it?
  • And more!

Disclaimer: This book is written along the guidelines of the Canadian tax code as of 2016. Although the ideas discussed apply across most jurisdictions, tax codes vary from year-to-year and from place-to-place. You should always consult a tax professional to ensure that the strategies discussed apply to your particular province, state or territory.

Divide & Conquer cover
Divide & conquer back cover