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Our Mission

To improve financial literacy in our community and provide our clients with absolute financial peace of mind through a better understanding of their financial decisions.

As independent comprehensive financial generalists, we pride ourselves on providing holistic financial advice based on a thorough analysis of your entire financial profile, resulting in more personalized advice for our clients. Starting from the top, we analyze all assets and liabilities including mortgages and lines of credit, all forms of insurance including life and disability, income tax, budget, and health benefit plans to find inefficiencies in a person’s financial profile. Any savings we uncover can then be directed towards new financial opportunities.

This holistic approach towards financial planning is conveyed to the client in an open, easy-to-understand setting. Education and teaching is truly the core of what distinguishes a good financial advisor and at Innova, this is the most important service we offer to clients.

By ensuring that every aspect of our clients' financial foundation is strong, we can build towards a secure future and peace of mind.

Our Services

Income Tax Planning & Filing

Risk Management & Insurance

Retirement & Cash Flow Planning

Financial & Consultation Services

Our approach of understanding a client's entire financial profile, then working with them to determine the best solution has lead to our success. For more information on the services we provide and our team, please peruse this website or contact us directly as we would love the chance to speak with you!



Jean-François Démoré
President & CEO - Innova Wealth